Different LED downlight prices vary widely
- Jun 13, 2018 -

In the past two years, LED downlights have become more and more popular with consumers. This is inseparable from its high efficiency, environmental friendliness, and long lifespan.

In addition, the price of LED downlights has been continuously lowered, and more and more people are willing to use LED downlights for lighting. From the current market, the price difference between LED downlights is still very large.

The price of LED downlights has been adjusted downwards, and price reductions and price cuts have caused LED downlight products to gradually become polarized. The prices and quality of high-end and low-end LED downlights are far from the same.

When the prices of mid-range LED downlights and low-end LED downlights become closer, the low-end products naturally face the fate of being eliminated.

Low-end LED downlights are generally cheap and relatively poor quality, mostly small brands. The high-end high-quality LED downlights produced by large-brand enterprises use anti-static packaging, regular printed labels, and high-quality housing materials. LED downlights are also relatively expensive.

Different brands of LED downlight prices are also very different, a small brand of LED downlights cheaper, relatively speaking, some international brands of LED downlight prices will be several times or even more than ten times higher than these small brands.

A person in charge of the mall told reporters that the high-end LED downlight after the price reduction is still several times the price of an ordinary LED downlight. The cheap LED downlight is made of secondary plastic and aluminum wire, and there is a certain potential safety hazard. The high quality LED downlight is made of copper wire and crystal element material, with high cost performance and good stability. .

Therefore, consumers should buy what kind of LED downlights should be purchased, it should not be the author to do it again.