High-power LED downlight leads the development trend of lighting
- Jun 13, 2018 -

High-power LED downlights are more versatile than ordinary LED downlights. High-power LED downlights are energy-saving and environmentally friendly new products. High-power LED downlights lead the development of lighting.

It is reported that high-power LED downlight is a classification of LED downlights, it uses LED as a light source to emit light, with high-efficiency, environmental protection, energy-saving features of the goods, because it saves more than 90% of the power than incandescent lamps, but also than the energy-saving lamps To save more than 50%, it has been widely expected by consumers.

High-power LED downlight is a very important commodity that promotes national energy-saving emission reduction and future lighting. Its popularity is a recognition of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. Currently, high-power LED downlights have set off in the field of lighting. The new trend of stocks leads the future development of lighting.

High-power LED downlight energy saving is an undoubted reality. In addition to energy saving, compared with the traditional lamps, high-power LED downlights What are the advantages? In the past lighting fixtures, the base lighting fixtures mainly use metal halide lamps, and this lamp itself and the selected ballast The power consumption is too high, the subsequent power cost is high, and the switching current is large during the moment, and the cost of the initial installation of the wire is high. More importantly, this lamp's light spectrum contains ultraviolet light, and long-time lighting will damage the color of the photographed object. For businesses, some display products that are illuminated for a long time must become discounted products that endanger the interest of the business. In addition, the controllability of this light line is not good enough to control the useful light, the stray light is more, dazzling, and the lighting temperature is too high. As for the business, it will also add room temperature, leaving no customers. Add air conditioning costs. While the quartz halogen lamp used for point lighting has a good color rendering property, there is a problem that the service life is short and the power consumption is high, and 80% of the power is converted into infrared rays and then converted into heat.

The high-power LED tube light line does not have any heat generated by infrared rays, nor does it have ultraviolet rays, and will not damage the illuminated objects; and the directionality is very strong. Artificial lighting can strictly control its light. "Where is it bright, where is it? "The strong reflection of the photographed goods, especially diamond jewelry, will make the products even more dazzling. As a result, high-power LED downlights are used in almost all gold stores and jewelry stores. Because the light announced by the high-power LED downlight has almost no temperature, it can drastically reduce the room temperature of the store, lower the cost of air-conditioning, and create an excellent shopping environment. And the life of high-power LED downlights is 4 to 50,000 hours, which also reduces the expense and cost of protection.