LED downlight replacement incandescent lamp is one of the best choices
- Jun 13, 2018 -

Incandescent lamps will withdraw from the pre-history stage. Currently, many nations including China, the United States, Japan, and Australia have all introduced incandescent lightening rules, and the extinction of incandescent lamps will be the trend of the times. So what kind of lighting is the best alternative when incandescent light is turned off? What is the big market that is left empty?

In fact, the global lighting market has changed rapidly. The biggest reason for the delisting of incandescent lamps is that they have high power consumption and are not worthy of environmental protection. Under the current background of the energy saving and environmental protection economy, only energy-saving lamps will be available tomorrow. This provided support for the development of LED downlights.

The innovative power of lighting products comes from a bill on power independence and peace announced by the US Congress in 2007. This bill establishes the energy-saving regulations for lighting equipment and is determined to be implemented in stages starting from January 1, 2012. The act requires that the energy consumption of new lighting lamps be reduced by at least 30%, and that incandescent lamps do not meet this specification, so incandescent lamps cannot be used.

LED downlight is a kind of lighting fixture using LED as light source, because LED's appearance is very frivolous, so LED downlight is exquisite, its appearance and incandescent lamp also have a large degree of similarity, coupled with the use of very convenient, Therefore it becomes the best alternative to incandescent lamps.

Compared with incandescent lamps, LED downlights have a longer life and energy consumption is reduced by 80%. In addition, although the appearance and function of LED downlights are similar to those of incandescent lamps, the service life is several dozen times that of incandescent lamps. With the adjustable light, LED lamps are more popular.

Although the CFL lamp is comparable to the LED downlight, the price is lower, but its start-up time is longer, it takes a few minutes to reach a completely bright level, plus the mercury it contains is very polluting, so the outlook is not optimistic. .

Following the advancement of LED downlight skills and further price cuts, LED downlights are the best alternatives to incandescent lamps and will surely have better future prospects.