LED Downlight Status Analysis
- Jun 13, 2018 -

After years of development, LED downlights have been widely used in the fields of engineering and home improvement, basically replacing traditional downlights.

In the field of LED lighting, downlights can be said to be the most popular category, because its technical content is not high, basically a screwdriver factory can be produced. No entry threshold, no one can produce, swarms, resulting in uneven quality, prices ranging from a few dollars to tens of dollars, so the current LED downlight market is still more confusing. At the same time, the price of downlights is now very transparent, and dealers from chip, housing to packaging, etc. are all well aware of the cost of dealers, and due to low barriers to entry, numerous producers, and fierce competition, LED downlights are more profitable than others. Commercial lighting products are much lower.

Downlights are generally used in interior lighting design of shopping malls, offices, factories, hospitals, etc. The installation is simple and convenient for people to love. LED downlight inherits all the advantages of traditional downlights, small heat, long life and low maintenance costs. Early LED downlights were not accepted by customers due to the high cost of LED lamp beads. With the price reduction of LED downlight chips and the improvement of heat dissipation technology, it has laid a solid foundation for LED downlights to enter the commercial field. LED downlight consists of LED lamp beads, downlight housing, and power supply. For downlights, it is advisable to use high-power lamp beads such as single 1W lamp beads. It is not appropriate to use low-power lamp beads such as 5050, 5630. The reason is that LED low-power lamp beads are bright enough but their light intensity is not enough. LED downlights generally have a vertical distance of 4-5 meters. Due to the low power light intensity, the ground light intensity is insufficient, and the high light intensity of the high-power lamp beads, especially the integrated light source, becomes the first of LED downlight manufacturers. Currently widely used is high-power lamp beads such as single 1W lamp beads, made of downlights 1W, 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W, etc., the maximum can generally be made of 25W, if you use high-power integrated solutions can also be higher power. There are three main parts that determine the life of the downlight: LED lamp bead, LED heat sink "housing design", LED power supply. LED lamp beads manufacturers determine the main life of LED downlights.

In general, high-quality LED downlight manufacturers will use foreign CREELED chips, which is at least one of the high-stability products recognized in the market. The lights made in this way have high natural brightness and long life. However, the lighting design price is not cheap. The chips used by Taiwanese manufacturers have a long life, but the prices are relatively low, and they can basically be accepted by local Chinese mid-market customers. In China's domestic market, the chip life is shorter and the light fades, but the lowest price is the first choice for many small manufacturers to fight prices. What kinds of LED lamp beads and LED chips are used also directly determine the positioning of LED downlight manufacturers and the social responsibilities that they present in the industry.

The LED power supply is the heart of LED downlights and has a great impact on the lifetime of LED downlights. In general, LED downlights are 110/220V power supply, and China's domestic market is 220V power supply. Due to the short development time of LED lamps, the country has not yet adopted the standard for its power supply. Therefore, the LED power supply on the market is uneven, with a large number of low PF values, and it cannot even flood the market with EMC's lighting engineering power supply. The life of the electrolytic capacitor of the power supply also directly determines the life of the power supply. Because everyone is sensitive to price, trying to reduce the cost of the power supply, resulting in low conversion power of the LED power supply, the service life is not long, so that the LED downlight has changed from a "longevity lamp" to a "short life." light".

The thermal design of LED downlights also has a major influence on their lifetime. The heat of the LEDs is transmitted from the lamp beads to the internal PCB and then to the housing, which then passes through convection or into the air. PCB's heat dissipation should be fast enough, the heat dissipation performance of thermal grease should be good enough, and the heat dissipation area of the shell should be large enough. The reasonable design of several factors determines that the temperature of the PN junction when the LED lamp is working normally cannot be higher than 65 degrees to ensure the LED The chip is at normal operating temperature and will not suffer from light decay due to excessively high temperatures. The LED heatsink can solve the related problems caused by the heat sink's inability to remove the heat from the lamp bead and the internal PCB. It has applied for a national patent; it is made of high-quality 6063 aluminum material, forming the effect of heat conduction and heat dissipation. , To achieve high efficiency of heat conduction and heat dissipation; The top of the heat sink is designed with multiple heat dissipation holes, which are connected with the heat sink around the heat sink to achieve air convection. Like a plurality of chimneys, the heat of the LED is upwardly radiated, and at the same time, heat is dissipated through the heat sink, thereby realizing efficient heat dissipation.