LED downlights gradually opened up the civilian market
- Jun 13, 2018 -

The sales plan for LED downlights has increased year by year, which is inseparable from its practicality and energy saving. LED downlights are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and light efficiency has also reached everyone's needs, and it has been favored by more people.

LED downlights have just been listed on the market, because the quote is too high, and therefore more popular in commercial lighting malls and engineering lighting shopping malls, civil lighting for the comparison of sensitive quotes, and therefore carry out slow contrast, but with the LED downlight offer adjustment, its Advantages also attracted more people, and civilian lighting malls gradually opened.

Where is the LED downlight? "The same power consumption, the total amount of light emitted by LED downlights is 10 times that of incandescent lamps and 1.5 times that of fluorescent lamps. With the continuous improvement of skills, there is still a lot of room for LED luminous power to increase.

The biggest advantage of LED downlights is energy saving and environmental protection. A 3W LED downlight consumes only a few degrees of electricity in 1000 hours, while a typical 60W incandescent lamp consumes 1 kWh in 17 hours, and a typical 10W energy-saving lamp consumes 1 kWh in 100 hours; a general energy-saving lamp is made of glass, and a light bulb contains about 3 ~5 mg of mercury, once broken can contaminate about 1,000 tons of water, 300 cubic meters of air, and LED down light is all solid light body, impact resistance is not easy to break, conducive to recovery, and no light pollution and heat radiation, and no ultraviolet radiation .

Longevity is another advantage of LED downlights. Compared with the average life span of the general energy-saving lamp is about 3000 hours, the service life of the LED downlight is up to 50,000 hours. In addition, LED downlights do not have a strobe effect, eliminating the damage caused by the traditional light source caused by strobe light reduction, visual fatigue and so on.

The advantages of LED downlights are significant. Following the gradual reduction of quotation, it began to open up civilian shopping malls and was recognized by more consumers.