Why are the lifespans of some LED downlights far less than the theoretical longevity?
- Jun 13, 2018 -

Many owners have such experience, after the completion of the installation of LED downlights and other lighting fixtures, lighting engineering acceptance, not long after the LED downlight appeared "bad lights", "light failure" and other issues, far from the theoretical life of the label then long. For those owners whose projects are large and use tens of thousands of LED downlights, they will suffer heavy losses. They will doubt whether they have been deceived at the first time. Don't worry! There are several possible reasons for this:

The actual life of some downlights is far less than the reason for the long “theoretical life” marked:

1, the quality of the lamp itself, covering the level of: chip quality is not good; radiator performance is not qualified; drive power quality problems.

2. The manufacturer did not mark the actual service life and concealed the truth from consumers.

3, ignored the downlight protection level, in general, can be used for outdoor lighting downlight protection level is higher. If you mistakenly use a low-protection downlight (IP20 or less) on an outdoor or semi-outdoor building ceiling when selecting a model, it will greatly advance the “failure” of the lamp.

4, did not use the place. Some lighting projects have special requirements for downlights because of their own special factors. For example, downlights used in hotel rooms' shower rooms must be protected from inadvertent contact with water vapor, fog, and smoke. Fog function, matching downlights should be "deep cavity anti-fog" design, corrosion-resistant LED downlight. If ordinary downlights are selected, there will be an accidental bad light.

5. Maintenance mistakes. The lamps were not used properly, and the lamps were turned on and off frequently, causing multiple thermal expansion and contraction, which resulted in the destruction of the material's strength. Or there was an unknown operational error during the construction installation - for example, the embedded part of the downlight was placed inside the damp-immersed ceiling, causing a circuit failure or the like.