RGB LED Bulb Light

RGB LED lights are mixed with three primary colors,red, green and blue,which are used to form an integrated image. In addition, there are blue LEDs with yellow phosphors, and UV LEDs with RGB phosphors. The color of some LED backlights is particularly clear and bright, and even has the degree of high-definition TV. In this case, it is the characteristic of RGB. The red is green, the green is green, the blue is blue, and the light is in the light. On the color mixture, it has more features.
It is especially for a child’s bedroom that the colors change according to the setting you’ve picked in the app, genuinely very good fun. With the high-quality control and delicate workmanship, it is durable with stable performance, excellent results and prolonged service life.
Made of superior materials, RGB LED lights are kind of green products which are eco-friendly and ergonomic with comfortable using experience that it contains no harmful elements to make sure the clean and safe working environment.
We are one of the reliable light manufacturers and suppliers in China, which is capable of providing customized products for sale with competitive price. It is available to provide wholesale service that it is able to offer bulk products made in China from our factory. Customized design is also reliable that the light will be made according to your requirements.
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    Bluetooth Speaker RGB LED Bulb Light

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    20W RGB LED Bulb Light

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