Wifi LED Bulb Light

The Wi-Fi LED Bulb Light is the ideal bulb replacement with unprecedented ease that it is easy to use, and it is able to be operated by Wi-Fi, which is quite intelligent and convenient. You can turn on porch light or living room light in advance through smartphone before you arrive at home in the dark that gives you the peace of mind. It is able to control the bulb at the distance that you don't have to walk close to the bulb, reducing the waste of time and improving the working efficiency.
In addition to its wireless convenience, this bright LED bulb can also dim and mix two shades of white. From cozy warm white for the evening to sparkling daylight, and everything in between.
It is user- friendly that you will never repeat walk in front of wall-switch to turn on/off many lamps or look for a switch in the dark upon returning home. Just control the light switch in your fingertips from anywhere through Smartphone (Support iOS/Android).
Made of high-quality components, it is strong and durable that it has the stable operation, excellent performance as well as easy installation. It has long service life that it is able to be reusable and practical.
Manufactured by our company, the manufacturer and supplier in China, the products made in China is available to wholesale with reasonable price. Customized service is also provided that you can buy bulk products from our company.
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