COB Spot Light

COB Spot Light is type of lights which is concentrated on using a condenser lens or a mirror. This type of the reflector lamp is relatively simple, the illumination is strong, the illumination width is narrow, and the lamp that is conveniently concentrated toward a specific location in the scene is the most used lamp in the studio and the studio. LED spotlights use LEDs as light sources.
It is no strobe, which can make the eyes of your children and family relax and comfortable that they will not feel headaches and dizziness. It is able to reduce the electricity bills, reducing maintenance cost. Made of high-quality materials, it is strong and durable.
What's more important is that it is mercury-free, which is safe for your home and the environment. It is ergonomic that it is easy to install that with the same size as halogen bulb, you can replace it directly. And it is made with high standards in order to meet the national requirements, thus, it is of premium quality, extended service life, stable and excellent performance as well as easy operation.
  • 5W COB LED Spot Light

    5W COB LED Spot Light

    The 5W COB LED Spot Light is our latest LED lights, which can be widely used in clothing store simulation chart, supermarket simulation chart, warehouse simulation chart, office simulation chart, etc.Read More
  • GU10 COB LED Spot Light

    GU10 COB LED Spot Light

    A beautiful range of GU10 COB LED Spot Lights designed to accentuate your beautiful interiors or give a focused lighting effect, using best quality LEDs, with ergonomically designed housing and heat sink and integrated led driver for optimum performance.Read More
  • 7W COB LED Spot Light

    7W COB LED Spot Light

    The 7W COB LED Spot Light is easy to use, low maintenance, fine finishing, smooth operation, longer service life and nominal costs, 85% energy-saving, utra-long lifetime.Read More