Color Temperature Changing LED Spot Light

As one of the creditable LED spot light manufacturers and suppliers in China, Kin-Shine is able to provide bulk products in stock. It is available to wholesale the customized LED spot light made in China at the best price from our factory.
The LED spot light is able to change the color temperature that you can choose the suitable one according to your own requirements. Warm Light is relaxing which helps people to calm down and prepare for sleep. Cool White and Daylight contain blue spectra which helps people be wakeful, productive, attentive, and improves moods.
Light of different color temperatures have different illumination and visual effects that different wavelengths give the human eye different color perceptions, from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, enamel (blue-violet), and purple. The sensitivity of the eye varies strongly with wavelength.
It is all made with high and strict requirements that it is of guaranteed quality which is available to perform well with excellent results and easy operation. And it is safe and cost effective with high working efficiency, prolonged service life and strong frame. Besides, it is healthy and eco-friendly that it contains no pollutant which is able to ensure the comfortable using experience.
  • COB Color Temperature Changing LED Spot Light

    COB Color Temperature Changing LED Spot Light

    The advantage of the WHITE CASE 5W 7W COB Color Temperature Changing led spot light is perfect heat dissipation, eco-friendly design, long lifespan, There are no ultraviolet rays, infrared radiation and heat radiation (ecological).Read More
  • GU10 Color Temperature Changing LED Spot Light

    GU10 Color Temperature Changing LED Spot Light

    KINSLED GU10 Color Temperature Changing LED Spot Light can be widely used in indoor situation, which provide the optimized lighting solution for the commercial and industrial applications, such as: supermarket, shopping malls, offices, conference rooms, warehouse, factories,...Read More