SMD Spot Light

SMD Spot Light is the main lamp for studio news, stage, film and television shooting. The lamp housing is made of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, and the optical path design is advanced and reasonable. It has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, soft projection light, uniform spot distribution and large spot adjustment range. A large area of lighting and special effects can be used for special lighting during shooting. It is also suitable for the lighting of character set props on the stage and in the studio. A lamp that is strong in illumination, narrow in width, and easy to illuminate in a specific location in the scene is one of the most used lamps in the studio.
The spotlight is made of high-quality plastic and electronic components that it has strong frame which is endurable with extended service life. The color is yellow and charging type. It uses a high-brightness white LED with a spectrum close to natural light, which is suitable for outdoor camping, living lighting, flood fighting, night shooting, criminal investigation, patrol anti-whistle, fire emergency, site survey, and vehicle emergency use.
Adopting the led it is cost effective that it is good at saving energy that it is able to reduce the cost. It has the features of stable operation, easy installation and excellent results. And it is light and portable that it is easy to carry and move.
The SMD spotlight is produced by our own factory which is the reliable manufacturer and supplier in China. Wholesale and customized service are available that bulk products are able to provide that we have the spotlight in stock which is made in China with superior quality.
  • 5W SMD LED Spot Light

    5W SMD LED Spot Light

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  • 7W SMD LED Spot Light

    7W SMD LED Spot Light

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  • GU10 SMD LED Spot Light

    GU10 SMD LED Spot Light

    With competitive price, GU10 SMD LED Spot Light provides uniform lighting, warm white-2850-3200K, warm and comfortable in Winter; day white-3850-4200K, comfortable in Spring and Autum; Cool White-6000-6500K, cool in summer.Read More