High & Low Temperature Alternating Test Box
- Sep 11, 2018 -

LED Lighting environmental reliability test, including low temperature test, high temperature test, constant temperature test, alternating damp heat test and temperature change test.

        In August 2018, our company introduced the high & low temperature alternating test box, which can simulate the LED lighting products and various electronic components working in the range of -40 ° C ~ 150 ° C and humidity range of 30% ~ 98% RH. According to the test result, timely discover and solve the defects of LED lighting products, providing more powerful guarantee for the company's research and development, and production of high-quality LED lighting products.

        Providing customers with high-quality LED lighting products is the service tenet of Jiangmen Zhongtang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

        In pursuit of high-quality LED lighting products, Zhongtang has been on the road.

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