How To Use LED Downlights And LED Spotlights?
- Jun 13, 2018 -

How to use LED downlights and LED spotlights?

LED uses cold light source, little glare, no radiation, does not produce harmful substances in use, and the brightness decay cycle is long, so its service life can reach 60,000 to 100,000 hours, saving more than 80% energy than traditional light sources under the same lighting effect. In addition, LED lamps have better environmental benefits and are typical green lighting sources.

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, LED lamps are increasingly recognized and used by people. Among them, the downlight is one of the widely used LED lighting products in the lighting industry, and is mainly used in indoor lighting, specifically to home lighting, office lighting and commercial lighting.

Due to the soft light, the spotlight can not only play a dominant role in the overall lighting, but also can partially light up the atmosphere, which is now the darling of lighting design.

So how can these two lamps be used? Let's take a look.

Environmental lighting downlight is king

1 residential area

Residential areas are generally low due to their space limitations. Therefore, downlights with small size and low power are generally preferred in the use of downlights, because these small, low-power lamps are more suitable for installation in smaller spaces. In the private space where the ceiling is short, it is clean and beautiful, and it is easier to create a space atmosphere.

For home-style downlights, embedded installations are generally recommended, as surface-mount fixtures can make the otherwise cramped spaces appear cluttered and oppressive, causing damage to the space aesthetics.

2 public places

Downlights used in public places are classified into two types: wide light distribution angle and narrow light distribution angle depending on optical characteristics. Intuitive appearance of the light surface, are to provide basic lighting for the space.

Wide angle light fixture:

This type of downlight is more suitable to be installed in crowded places such as corridors. Due to its large light output surface, it will not cause shadows, which is more conducive to the improvement of spatial brightness.

Light with narrow angle of light:

This type of downlight is also used to provide space for the basic lighting, but its light exit surface is narrow, will form a circular spot effect on the irradiation surface, suitable for some shopping malls basic lighting.

Focused lighting spotlights dominate

Focused lighting spotlights are already an industry consensus. Different occasions need to adjust different installation methods when focusing on lighting, in order to achieve the desired rendering effect, the following will bring you four different spotlight installation methods:

1 ordinary type:

In a conventional method of installing a spotlight, a lamp is mounted diagonally above the object to be illuminated, and an appropriate lighting angle is adjusted to provide an accent lighting for the display items below.

2 side mounted type:

Embedded on the ceiling or on the side of the facade, it illuminates the specific decoration to form a light effect. Due to the particularity of its installation location, it is necessary to select a larger adjustable spotlight.

3 oblique loading type:

Not all the ceilings are full of rules and regulations. In reality, many buildings have been designed with creative oblique ceilings. For this kind of inclined ceiling, it is usually necessary to choose due to the particularity of the installation location. Some grille products or special spotlights designed for special ceilings have large adjustable angles. At the same time, because of the large adjustment angle, it is more necessary to make spotlights anti-glare.

4 wash the wall:

Wallwashing is also a very useful functional use of spotlights and is often used in higher shopping mall spaces and office lobbies. As a wall washer, special attention needs to be paid when adjusting the distance between the lamp and the wall and between the lamp and the lamp in order to achieve the best lighting effect.

How do you know the use of LED downlights and spotlights? I hope that the knowledge shared in this article can help everyone.

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